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5 Simple Elements for Creating the Perfect Bedroom Oasis

Your day was pretty busy, huh? Unfortunately, adult life never seems to slow down, no matter how much we want it to. If you need to catch your breath and unwind, a tranquil and quiet retreat is just what you need. While a weekend getaway sounds nice, we were thinking of something a bit more permanent — your bedroom!

You spend a lot of your time in your bedroom, so why not make it a space worth enjoying? There are simple enhancements you can make to create a welcoming, cozy, and peaceful “getaway” for yourself, right in the comfort of your home. Here at Matthew Rathgeb Painting, as one of the leading residential painting companies serving Society Hill and the entire Philadelphia region, we specialize in transforming living spaces from bland to blissful! 

Check out this infographic for examples of five elements that can help you create a simple bedroom oasis, and then continue reading below as we discuss each one further:

Lighting — Lighting is a great element for transforming the way you see your space. The slightest change in lighting can help adjust the theme you’re going for. Installing lights that dim help to create a truly tranquil experience in the evening. 

Artwork — Hanging artwork that expresses your personal style helps to bring your room together and achieve the type of oasis that suits your needs. Simple yet expressive artwork that is budget-friendly is just enough to reflect your personality.  

Mirrors — Mirrors are not only a practical element, but they’re stylish too. If the space you have to work with is on the smaller side, you can add multiple mirrors to make it appear bigger. Depending on the style and tone of your bedroom, you can choose between symmetrical or asymmetrical designs. 

Rugs — If you want to add more color and warmth to your bedroom, consider throwing in some rugs. Laying down rugs in your pattern and style of choice will bring your theme together in a cozy way. 

Paint — Paint colors play a huge role in how you feel about your space. Start by deciding which style direction you want to take. Once you’ve settled on a theme, it’ll be easier for you to choose a color. Neutral and cool colors are incredibly relaxing, and are ideal for creating a tranquil oasis.
Personalizing your bedroom can be just enough to make you want to spend more time in your own space. These budget-friendly tips can transform your bedroom into a serene paradise you’ll never want to leave. Get a colorful start with the top residential painting service in Fairmount and throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. Call Matthew Rathgeb Painting at 267-930-1318 today!